Navigation & GPS

Navigation & GPS



In-Dash GPS Navigation

   Lose the map!  In-Dash GPS Navigation will save you time and wasted gas mileage by getting to your destination in the most efficient way.  Most Navigation units are more than just a GPS and are designed as an entertainment system as well.  We offer Navigation units with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for easy connection to your smartphone.  Don’t get lost again, and check out Horizon Audio's In-Dash GPS units today!


Smartphone Integration

   iPhones and iPods, Android Smartphones and MP3 players have made life so much easie.  Stay connected to your smartphone even inside your car and enjoy the ease of hands free calling or texting, streaming music, HD Radio, or SiriusXM.  From simple adapter cables, to interfaces that allow you to control your device from your vehicle's radio, we have the gear that will help you get connected.


Why Can't I just Use my Cell Phone?

   Using your phone in your hand while driving isn't safe, and in most places it's illegal.  When your map and turn-by-turn directions are on a large screen that never moves from the dash and never changes perspective, there really isn't a more convenient way to get where you need to go.  No cell phone service?  No problem!  You've still got navigation even without phone service.  Navigation is just the tip of the iceberg.  Today's in-dash navigation systems come with so many advanced features that you can't really compare them to any other standalone device out there.

   When you get navigation installed, what you're really getting is a complete "infotainment solution" that is conveniently located where it should be: always safely within reach.  Bring your vehicle to the proffesionals!  We specialize in matching the factory look of your vehicle.  Your car is complex, so maybe chose a different DIY project and trust this one to professional installers like ours who will make sure your navigation system is installed correctly and safely the first time!  Our 3 Horizon stores are your ultimate destination for mobile audio & video electronics.


Other Navigation and GPS Options

   In addition to in-dash solutions, Horizon Audio offers portable GPS units, GPS tracking devices, and navigation accessories.