Memphis LED Lighting System MXALEDFOB


Universal LED Light Kit w/ Wireless Keyfob Remote

   Adding fun and functional lights to your ATV, boat, golf cart, or motorcycle is easy with Memphis Audio's 16-MXALEDFOB LED lighting kit.  The kit contains ten individual 4-1/2" LED light strips with a total of 60 RGB LEDs.  Once you've installed the compact control box, simply prepare the desired light location, peel off the backing, and apply some pressure to make sure the strip sticks.

   You can control these rugged, outdoor-ready lights using the included 4-button keyfob remote.  You can choose between 15 solid color presets, 2 color cycles, 3 flashing modes, and 1 fading mode. The kit includes all the wiring you'll need to connect everything.

Product Highlights:
marine/powersports LED lighting kit
10 individual 4-1/2" strips with 60 total RBG LEDS
compact hideaway control box
keyfob remote control
last-function memory
warranty: 1 year